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A glance about WALI SONGO (the nine saint in Islam)

Even though the Muslim public from abroad are no doubt to have been long enough to visit Indonesia archipelago, but it has just in 15-16 century, Islamic Religion stick its influence to Javanese tradisional culture. The missionaries’ Muslim start increased their activity in Java in the beginning of 14 century, in parallel with the collapse starting of the biggest Hindu Kingdom in Java island, MOJOPAHIT. Begin from north coastal area towns in Java Island, such as GRESIK and SURABAYA, Islam religion started to disseminate swiftly and its influence in such a way until it was formed an Islam state that focusing in DEMAK, a north coastal area town in Central Java. Twenty-five years then, MOJOPAHIT Kingdom is really collapsed and the influence of the Islam empire strength in Demak increasingly wide towards West. This thing is not get out of the role of the Saints, a real charismatic Islam carrier and had an effect, who taught Islamic Religion to all of Java Island. Because their charisma and influences, hence Java public give title to those Saints as ‘SUNAN’, their name became Legend and even their grave is often visited by public Moslem for have a pilgrimage.

According to the traditional and belief of Java Moslem public, there is nine Saints who standing in Islam propagated in Java, so that they are recognized as ‘WALI SONGO’ (the Nine saint of Islam). Wali Songo with their heritage, what amount to nine, spread over all north coastal area of Java Island from Surabaya until Banten.


WALI SONGO Checklist with their grave
No. The Name of Sunan Location
1. Syeh Maulana Malik Ibrahim Gresik
2. Sunan Ampel (Raden rachmat ) Surabaya
3. Sunan Giri (Raden Paku) Gresik
4. Sunan Bonang (Raden Machdum Ibrahim) Tuban
5. Sunan Drajat (Raden Qosim) Paciran - Lamongan
6. Sunan Kudus (]a'far Shodiq) Kudus
7. Sunan Kalijaga (Raden Mas Sa'id) Kadilangu - Demak
8. Sunan Muria (Raden Umar Said) Colo Mt. Muris - Kudus
9. Sunan Gunung Jati (Syarif Hidayatullah) Mt. Sembung - Cirebon


The Saints grave were made in such a manner so it impress holy, looked to be drew, beautiful with its architecture so that it is very attractive for all visitor who have pilgrimage.


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